I want to join the #CampaignForConvenience today!

Our Goal: Convenient Deliveries. Every Time. With Any Delivery Company.

Every mydelivery download is a vote for more convenient deliveries.

We have more features in the pipeline that enable simpler access to the delivery options available from carriers and offer more ways to help you prevent missed deliveries and delays!

So we need your help to let the carriers and retailers know that this really matters to you:

=> that you want carriers become Delivery Partners so that you can select your delivery option in less than 30 seconds via mydelivery!

=> that you want retailers to become Retail Partners so that you get tracking and alerts automatically via mydelivery when you buy from them, without lifting a finger.

Help us prioritise and expand our services to meet your delivery needs.

Please tell us which delivery companies and retailers you’d like to offer services via mydelivery.

We’ll pass the message along and let you know when they join our movement to ensure you get the most convenient delivery, every single time.

Make your voice heard!

  • List other global, regional or local carriers that deliver your parcels frequently,
  • List the online retailers or merchants you buy from most often and would like to offer AUTOMATIC tracking & alerts via myDelivery. This means that parcels would automatically appear on your dashboard as soon as your order has been fulfilled - without you having to lift a finger.
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