Eliminate missed deliveries from your operations!

Promote your brand and flexible delivery options directly to your consignees with myDelivery.

As online shopping increases exponentially, so does the number of missed deliveries.  This frustrates everyone – your consignees, your clients and your drivers. It’s a profit and productivity killer for your business.

Now, you can turn this around by partnering with myDelivery and increasing usage of flexible delivery options to ensure successful delivery on the first attempt.

myDelivery is a simple way to promote your last-mile delivery options directly to consignees and enable them to change the delivery time or location in less than 30 seconds.

It’s quick and easy to set-up an account and tailor the services to your operations and product specs. Plus, you’ll get the FIRST 30-DAYS FREE.

We plan to launch myDelivery for Carriers. Sign up today and we’ll let you know when you can set-up your myDelivery account.

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