A simpler way to monitor deliveries from DHL, FedEx and UPS...

Plus find out which flexible delivery options are available for each parcel.

Designed to make your deliveries more convenient!

Get Smart Alerts and enjoy our easy sharing and planning features.


Just one app to auto-detect, monitor and manage your parcels with multiple delivery companies.


Get alerts pushed to your mobile device that flag issues, prompt actions needed and help you better plan your schedule.


Find out which flexible delivery options are available for each parcel. Connect easily with the carrier and share details with important contacts.

A single parcel dashboard
with all the details you need

myDelivery is all about your convenience!

No more digging around for tracking numbers or links to click.  Just forward your shipment confirmation email to [email protected] – we’ll auto-detect the parcel and put all the delivery details in one place.

myDelivery tracks DHL, FedEx, and UPS parcels, with more coming soon to cover all your deliveries.

Dashboard features include:

  • Getting notified of the expected date and time of delivery as soon as it’s picked up
  • Smart Alerts and reminders so you’re on top of key developments
  • Active Alerts to prompt any action needed to avoid or resolve a delay
  • a Progress Indicator to monitor your parcels journey at a glance
  • a tracking update counter tells you how many events we’ve added for each parcel since your last visit
  • Service Icons indicate which flexible delivery options are available for each parcels

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Tracking & Alerts Coverage

DHL, FedEx and UPS with
more carriers to come…
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We are currently in discussion with a number of carriers to bring you a fully-integrated last-mile services. Interested to become a Delivery Partner?

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